Moonclan Territory

Moonclan Camp
The Moonclan Camp is on a steep hill. The hill is full of trees and is slightly rocky. Moonclan cats are known for their intelligence, and also their climbing ability. The camp is surrounded by a clump of trees and boulders, and a tunnel underneath one of the boulders is the entrance and exit. There is a brook that runs through the camp that provides water.

Entrance Tunnel: 
The entrance tunnel is a tunnel under a large boulder. Two cats are able to fit in the tunnel. When an attack is near, Moonclan warriors block the tunnel with thorns and gorse bushes.

Leader's Den:
The leaders den is in a hole in a large tree. Boulders surround the tree, and whenever there is a threat to the clan on the ground, cats climb into the Leader's den for safety and cover. The leader's den is quite large, filled with moss and leaves for comfort.

Medicine Cat Den:
The Medicine Cat den is located under a rock near the brook. There is a small opening inside the den through the dirt that lets water from the river flow into the den, forming a small pool. There are clefs in the dirt that hold many various herbs, and loads of moss beds cover the dirt floor. 
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Warriors Den:
The Warriors Den is located underneath two large trees. It is a large, hollow den since it occupies most of the clan. Moss nests cover the ground.

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Apprentice Den:
The Apprentice Den is a small den under a rock next to the Warriors Den. Like all the other dens, it is filled with moss nests.
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Elders Den:
The Elders Den is under a large spacious tree. The den is large and airy so that the elders can be comfortable. There are moss nests covering the floor. 

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The Dirtplace is behind a large boulder. There is a small area surrounded with bushes for privacy.

There are many different places outside of camp that belong to Moonclan. Moonclan's territory stretches basically the whole entire hill, and some parts below.

Shadow Rock
Shadow Rock is a large boulder. It is located near the top of the hill, and is under the shade of a large tree. Cats like to sit here for shade during greenleaf.

Training Meadow
The Training Meadow is at the bottom of the hill. It is a large space, with a few boulders for climbing and jumping techniques. The grass is soft, so it cushions apprentices if they fall.

Outside the Territory
Outside the territory there are many other sites that Moonclan visits.

The Moontree is where Moonclan communicates with Starclan. Cats climb up onto the branches of the tree, and the moon almost engulfs them.

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