How the Game Works

Okay, Moonclan is basically a game. People from all over can join our online clan, become members, and train as a warrior or medicine cat!
Here's how it works:
  • Challenges are issued on my blog every Sunday for apprentices and warriors to complete. Once you complete a challenge, notify me.
  • Once a certain number of challenges are completed (I won't tell you! It's a surprise!) and apprentice has their ceremony and becomes a warrior. 
  • Once a warrior, you still have to complete the challenges.
  • Once you get your own apprentice, as a warrior, you are allowed to give you own apprentice his/her own individual assignments.
Right, you got it? Okay, good. Once a warrior for a certain amount of time, you may retire to the elders den and tell stories, or you may continue your training as a warrior. Kits and Queens are also an essential part of our clan. Queens give birth to kits about once every 4-5 months or so. Once a litter is born, the queen gets to name them, and new members may claim their name and become a part of the clan. Please note: Kits and queens do not have to do anything, but are allowed to.

Life is totally different if you are a medicine cat, or a medicine cat apprentice. Our medicine cat, Skyflame, is looking forward for a kind, thoughtful, sweet, hardworking apprentice. If anyone has the skills...please join us! Skyflame shall teach the apprentices about the various herbs and how to use them. Medicine cats also get to issue prophecies also (Only if I approve!)! Medicine cats cure the sick cats, for when you are sick in real life, you are sick here. 

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