Moonclan Members

Moonclan Members

Leader and Deputy
The leader and deputy run the clan. Once the leader dies or retires, the Deputy takes over the leadership.

Ravenstar- Leader, 22 moons old. Shadowstar is a black cat with piercing amber eyes. He is quite a young leader, but is intelligent, kind, helpful, and will put her clan first before anything 
Mentor: Crowfrost (former)
Apprentices: Silverblaze (former) Mistyheart (former) Flamestripe (former)
Mate: none

Iceshadow- Deputy, 26 moons old. Iceshadow is a dark gray cat with pale blue eyes like ice. She is a strong cat, with an urge to do the right thing.
Mentor: Dawntail (former)
Apprentices: Suncloud (former) Nightpaw, Snowpaw
Mate: none

Medicine Cats
The medicine cat is one of the most important cats in the clan. They cure wounds and sicknesses within the clan. 

Skyflame- Medicine Cat, 18 moons old. Skyflame is a white cat with  forest green eyes. He is kind, funny, and wise.
Mentor: Fawncloud (former)
Apprentice: Amberpaw

Amberpaw- Medicine Cat Apprentice, 8 moons, Warriorcatz101. Amberpaw is an amber colored she-cat with light green eyes. Her muzzle and paws are white and she is curious and constantly looking for trouble.
Mentor: Skyflame
Apprentice: None

The warriors are the heart of the clan. They hunt and train apprentices, an important job. They fight battles, and are among the bravest cats in the whole entire clan.

Grayclaw-Warrior, 21 moons old. Grayclaw is a gray cat with blue eyes. He is mischievous and funny.
Mentor: Dawnfire (former)
Apprentice: None
Mate: None

Silverblaze- Warrior, 11 moons old. Silverblaze is a small silver tabby with piercing green eyes. She is playful and active, as well as brave and smart.
Mentor: Ravenstar (former)
Apprentice: None
Mate: None

Mistyheart- Warrior, 11 moons old. Mistyheart is a light gray/blue cat. She has dark blue and slightly purplish eyes, gray stripes down her back, and a bushy tail. Mistyheart is a shy, sensitive, but quite clever cat

Mentor: Ravenstar (past)
Apprentice: None
Mate: None

Flamestripe-Warrior, 11 moons old. Flamestripe is a ginger colored she-cat with ginger colored fur and bright green eyes. She is thoughtful and quiet, but is eager to learn.
Mentor: Ravenstar (former)
Apprentice: Redpaw
Mate: None

Suncloud- Warrior, 10 moons. Suncloud is a large
golden cat with bright amber eyes. She is curious, and determined. Suncloud is especially skilled, and worked extra hard at her apprentice tasks, which granted her an early warriors ceremony.
Mentor: Iceshadow (former)
Apprentices: None
Mate: None

The apprentices' names always ends in "paw". This shows that the cat is in training. Apprentices start their training at 6 moons old, and learn from their mentor, an experienced  warrior.

Nightpaw- Apprentice, 9 moons old. Nightpaw is a small black she-cat with white fur on her chest, snout, and paws, along with green eyes. She is ambitious, and funny, and loves challenges and dares.
Mentor: Iceshadow

Snowpaw- Apprentice, 9 moons. Snowpaw is a white cat with large aqua blue eyes. Snowpaw is always happily bouncing around the camp, and can instantly cheer anybody up. Despite her happy appearance, she can be fierce when she wants to and is a strong fighter.
Mentor: Iceshadow

Redpaw- Apprentice, 6 moons old. Redpaw, originally called Red, arrived with his mother Feather to Moonclan. They seeked refuge and safety. Redpaw is an orange tabby with white paws and a white chest. He is funny, shy, and kind. Redkit also enjoys playing, especially with the apprentices.
Mentor: Flamestripe

Kits usually spend most of their time in the nursery until they are 6 moons old. They are playful, and can cause trouble if unattended.

Queens are she-cats expecting or nursing kits. They are excused from all warrior duties and spend their time in the nursery.

Featherstream- Queen, 24 moons. Featherstream was originally a loner that decided to join Moonclan. Her mate, Hawk, died of greencough, leaving her and her only kit, Red, to survive by themselves. They found Moonclan and decided to join them. Featherstream is a white cat with amber eyes. She is kind and considerate, but rather shy and jumpy.

Elders are cats who have served their clan for a while, and who chose to retire. Cats retire to the elder den if they are old or somehow disabled. They do not have any duties whatsoever.

If you wish to join Moonclan, visit "Joining Moonclan" for more information!

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