Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Challenge #5 Part 1: Training for the Moontree

Shadowstar and Iceshadow gathered their apprentices.
"You think you can handle the walk to the Moontree?" Shadowstar questioned. She sneered as all the apprentices nodded.
"Well you can't!" She growled. "Not unless you train for it!" Many of the apprentices seemed to grow smaller.
"We are going to train you to walk all the way to the Moontree!" Shadowstar said. 

Okay apprentices! We are going to train you to walk for a long time at a quick pace. No, I am not joking. You will not believe how many cats can't walk even a hundred mouse-lengths! Stop snickering! I bet you won't even make it to the Moontree without gasping for breath! Anyway, here's the challenge. You have to run around your house 3 times and up and down the stairs 3 times. Go up the stairs, then come down. That's 1. And try not to waste your breath and pace yourself! Iceshadow and I will be watching! We're always watching!

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