Monday, January 12, 2015

Hunting Lesson

C'mon now! All the apprentices and...You know what? Lets let everyone participate in this hunting lesson. Yes, kits and elders too. Now, I know most of you know how to hunt, so lets go over the basics. First the crouch. Crouch near the floor...yes, that's it! Like this. Keep your butt down, low to the ground...yes! Now, lightly crawl forward, placing your paws very carefully. Good! Now, pounce! Try to land softly though. Now for on the go hunting. What you have to do is just lightly touch someone. If they feel you, you missed the catch. Got it? Okay, here are some reminders:

  • We do not hunt our own clanmates. Your hear me, Silverpaw!? Good.
  • And lightly brush their clothing. Try using your fingers, 'k?
Now you know how to hunt. Go on, start hunting!

Here is a video of a cat hunting. Lets see if you can master the crouch like this cat!

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