Sunday, January 18, 2015

Battle Training

Right, everyone gather round! Iceshadow and I have agreed that it's time to teach you apprentices some battle moves. Now-wait. Where's Skyflame and Amberpaw? They should be here too. Even medicine cats have to train. Erm, Ravenpaw! Can you get them please? Thank you! Okay, while we wait for them, I'll give you some tips. Try to go for the belly of your opponent. The belly is the soft spot, and only go for the neck if you want to kill, which hope you never have to do. Oh! Here comes Ravenpaw, Skyflame, and Amberpaw. Great! We can start! Lets start with the front paw strike, otherwise known as the forepaw slash. Okay, partner up. Mistypaw...Silverpaw...good pair...hmm how about you and Sunpaw, Ravenpaw? And...Nightpaw you can pair up with Amberpaw, is that okay Skyflame? Okay, Iceshadow come over here. So, the frontpaw slash is a frontal attack. You slice down your front paw on your opponents face or body like this. You see that? Good. Now, start practicing.

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